Monday, July 15, 2013

Not Just Another 9/11

Meet Chief Jack Reed of the Marion Fire Dept. in Illinois. In mid 2002, the Marion FD made the decision to support the 9-11 Patch Project's effort to remember the heroes of 9-11 and add the 9-11 Patch to their uniforms. Evident by the photo of Chief Read still wearing the 9-11 Patch, WE WILL NEVER FORGET means never!

It has been nearly 12 years since the tragic events of 9/11 and there are over 10,000 organizations out there in more than 30 countries that have made that promise to NEVER FORGET by wearing one of the 9-11 Patches. In fact, there are millions of organizations out there that have also made that promise and don't wear a patch.

Do we all need to wear a patch to make that promise? No. But those who have made the 9-11 Patch a part of their uniforms or other official clothing, proudly enforce that promise visually, to one another and members of the public.

The 9-11 Patch Project only came about because of four words spoken by an FDNY firefighter at Ground Zero as he was saying goodbye to the LAFD Task Force back in September of 2011, "PLEASE DON'T FORGET US." Those four words inspired a firefighter from Los Angeles, California, to heed the call for help back in December of 2011. It became one man's mission and grew to become the mission of millions around the world to make a promise to NEVER FORGET. Taking the proceeds from the sale of the patches and donating them to 9/11 related organizations in need, was the icing on the cake.

Beating the WE WILL NEVER FORGET drum constantly over the years is a difficult thing to do--the sound is fading yet the mission continues as strong as ever. Honoring the lives of our fallen heroes must go on as lives continue to be lost as a result of 9/11--from cancer and respiratory deaths related to working the pile for months and years following 9/11, to suicides related to PTSD and Survival Guilt. Just ask John Feal, founder of the Feal Good Foundation, who is the nations strongest and most visible advocate for the health rights of 1st Responders. He has lost many friends since 9/11 and continues to lose them at as many as 30+ monthly.

9/11 is not just a part of our is a part of our lives today...even 12 years later.

Selling the patches and other 9/11 themed merchandise does two things: 1. It provides a means for others to
honor the memory of the fallen and 2. provides funds to keep the 9-11 Patch Project Fund going so that funds can be raised and donated to the 9/11 charities supported over the years.

The 9-11 Patch Project owes a great deal of gratitude to the NEVERFORGET911 facebook page founder, Rich Karns, for all his help in getting the word out to fans of the site. At the time the 9-11 Patch Project founder teamed up with Karns (nearly 4 years ago) the site had about 100k fans. Today, the site is the most interactive and supported 9/11 related facebook page with over 450,000 fans.

Without the help of Karns and all the incredible Sponsors, the project doors would have closed long ago.

Will the 9-11 Patch Project continue? That is entirely up to the support that comes in from the public, public safety, military and other companies/organizations.

In closing, thanks to Chief Reed for his leadership and his willingness to continue to beat the Never Forget drum. Thanks to the thousands of organizations out there that have joined the Chief, thanks to Rich Karns for his work on facebook and finally, thanks to all the sponsors for believing in this project all these years.

Please visit the site and see how you can help and get involved today. Visit the website here: 9-11 Patch Project


  1. we firies in australia felt for all you guys an girls there we are all cobbers in arms glen from the country fire services in south australia barmera brigade

  2. Our Aussie brothers and sisters have been huge supporters over the years and we appreciate it a great deal! From your Melbourne 2011 World Police Fire Games team wearing the 9/11 Patch on 62 jerseys to the last two 9-11 Tribute Helmet auctions going to two you guys! Thanks a heap!!