Friday, June 21, 2013

They Put on Their Gloves and Showed up to Help

As a former firefighter of 20 years and the founder of the 9/11 Patch Project, I am always excited when a company like HexArmor steps up to become our sponsor! Glove making is a science to HexArmor and they make top-of-the-line products that protect our 1st Responders-- a great fit to our growing list of $911 Sponsors who are giving back.

I met the folks of HexArmor at their booth during this years Firehouse World in San Diego. We also had a booth there. From time to time, I would go out and meet some of the folks on the exhibit floor. What really drew me to HexArmor's booth was their professionalism and kindness. I also noticed from a little distance, it was not just about how they could make a sale or was also about listening to visitors and learning about what folks needs are for hand, arm and body protection. And, spending time with folks like me who come by to talk about sponsorships and other non-glove/body protection stuff was pretty cool. Don't get me wrong, if I had the dough I would have come home with a hand full (get it?). Talk about eye-candy, these gloves were the most colorful protective gloves I'd ever seen!

Even with all the marketing and promotion we do for our sponsors, HexArmor really seemed to care more about how they can help and get involved. So why did they step up? In their own words;  

"HexArmor® strongly believes in supporting causes who share the same beliefs and goals as we do. We believe the 9-11 Patch Project is an example of one such cause – an organization who is not there for themselves, but one who supports and honors the heroes who are continually working hard and making sacrifices to protect and help the public. This belief falls in line with what we, at HexArmor®, constantly try to do: find safety solutions to help those who are risking not only their safety, but their lives, for us.

We, at HexArmor®, believe that sponsoring this project means remembering those from the 9/11 tragedy who gave of themselves, so that others might not only live, but also give. We hope that others will join us and dedicate their efforts to remember and support all the brave men and women who never give up, and are willing to protect, no matter the cost."

So we welcome HexArmor to the 9/11 Patch Project family and thank them for stepping up to sponsor us! 
We thank them for honoring the heroes of 9/11 and look forward to working with them at future fund raising events across the U.S. And hey, if you need great protective gloves for just about any use, why not stop by and see our friends at HexArmor?

Please also visit HexArmor on FACEBOOK and TWITTER and say hello.

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