Monday, April 15, 2013


I asked the rhetorical "why?!" question and got plenty of answers when I posted it in several spots on Facebook. I think we all know "why" but none-the-less, frustration sets in and it seems to be one of the first questions that comes to mind after another tragic act of terrorism in a metropolitan U.S. city.

Someone was even charged up enough to call me a "dumb ass," as if I was really that naive. 

Boston MA's marathon was as good as any for an opportunistic terrorist (whether domestic of foreign) and I'm sure there will be other targets. Sadly or better, "tragically," our semi-complacent and free lifestyle will be attacked again and again, and despite our law enforcements best efforts, they cannot plan for every contingency. 

Where's that leave us? Raise your hands American's your all about to be deputized. We are fighting an ongoing battle here and it's up to all of us to evolve neighborhood watch into America's Watch. Example: You see a foreign national or other suspicious looking person drop a backpack into a trash container or leave it near a building and take off....don't leave and call the cops....start evacuating and clear the's not natural. If early evacuation can occur, with a portable explosive of this size, lives can be saved and injuries greatly reduced by clearing them from the blast radius.

We are our nations law enforcements eyes and ears. We are the "tipsters" for our nations first line of defense and we owe it to our fellow American's to step up and take action. We owe it to all 8 year old American's to provide them with a safe environment at all times. Is it the bystanders faults for not noticing what this terrorist did in Boston? No. You can't blame innocent bystanders for believing that security precautions are in place during events like this, but you can include them in your contingencies by telling all visitors or participants to keep their eyes open for things that look at of place. I believe acts like these in Boston cannot go on completely unnoticed. Someone saw something that didn't look right.

Again, bystanders are not to blame here nor are the plans of law enforcement for events like these. There are just not enough officers to see everything they need to that leaves us to be their eyes and ears whenever possible.

Take a simple thing like driving an automobile in the U.S. as an example: I personally drive like someone ahead of me will run a red light, swerve into me or pull out of a side street into my path. It's defensive driving and I have had no accidents over the past 35 years because of it. Should we not do the same when we are in public places or at events where thousands are gathered? We can be in a defensive mode and still have a good safe time.

We can't stop terrorism completely in America...but I think if we all put ourselves in a more defensive mode when at large gatherings, we may be able to reduce the fatalities and injuries should that one place we happen to be, become a target for these heartless cowards.

Just my heart goes out to all those who were injured or killed in Boston today.

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