Friday, May 17, 2013

Companies Stepping up on Behalf of 9/11 Organizations

What do you say to firefighter owned companies like HazSim that step up to sponsor non profit efforts like the 9/11 Patch Project? You say "Thanks" and do all you can to support their efforts that happen to improve the safety of firefighters around the world!

Money is tight for everyone--especially for relatively new companies. The 9/11 Patch Project realizes that so it becomes more about giving back to us, than just about accepting donations. Sure we need the money to stay afloat but we also believe it is our duty to step up as well and show our support through our social networking channels. That is why our Sponsor programs are not just about receiving donations--they are also about doing some round-the-clock promotion for those companies that step up for us. And we are getting pretty good at it!

HazSim was a natural fit for us as the HAZMAT training simulation software was something we felt would really be contributing to more firefighter and industrial workers longevity. Afterall, the owner is a Fire Captain at a major Southern California fire department and has been saving lives for many years. So he saw a need to improve firefighter safety and came up with a great product that he can use to save the lives of his brother firefighters.

So what is HazSim? I personally had the opportunity to see it work and it clicked with me right away. It is
software built into a device that HAZMAT personnel are use to using. During training at any given organization, a HAZMAT tech suits up, carries his monitor to a specific location. He scans the area with his device and and instructor from another location actually sends them data about the hazardous environment they may be walking into. The instructor can also make the process more interactive by sending the tech some Q & A relating to the environment. Until HazSim came along, training consisted of a static environment where a tech in training may just approach a simulated hazardous situation and see a note pinned to the door about what type of dangerous chemicals may be inside. HazSim has evolved HAZMAT training and people should take notice!

If you are a fire department or any other organization that deals with hazardous environments, I recommend that you take a long hard look at HazSim and what they are doing to improve the safety of HAZMAT Tech's through real-interactive-updated training simulation.

For other companies out there that are looking for a great organization that has remembered the heroes of 9/11 and raised funds for nearly 12 years, step on up and we'll do all we can--whenever we can--to make sure we step up for you. Our organization depends on companies like HazSim to keep our doors open and we can't thank them enough! More about our Sponsor programs HERE

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