Monday, February 4, 2013


John Feal- Activist for the health rights of 9/11 1st responders

900 more 1st Responders have died because of their selfless actions at Ground Zero...

Because of activist John Feal, (Feal Good Foundation) the Zadroga Bill passed through congress and the senate and over 50 different cancers were added to the bill. The Zadroga 9/11 Compensation is finally beginning to help the thousands who are still alive and dealing with mounting health bills. John is a good friend to the 9/11 Patch Project and we are continuing to raise funds for the Feal Good Foundation and several other related organizations. The 9/11 Patch Project's next event is the Fully Involved Comedy Tour at theHouse of Blues in San Diego on Feb 20th. This is a night of comedy (the healing power of comedy) and an event where all ticket sales will raise funds for the Feal Good Foundation and several other 9/11 related charities.

The tour is the co-production of the 9/11 Patch Project and Xtreme Valor, a company owned and operated by two of FDNY's bravest.

At the center of the event is an actor/comedian who is best know for his role as Chief "Needles" Nelson on the FX series Rescue Me. Adam is currently the co-host of Top Gear America and also has several Comedy Central hits to his name. Here is a message from Adam.

This event will not be successful without the participation of Southern California residents, local fire departments and the quests of Firehouse World. $911 Lifetime Sponosrships are also being offered to offset the nearly $12,000 costs associated with putting on a show of this caliber. 

To help out with a sponsorship or attend the event, please follow this link with all details about this great night of comedy and fund raising: ALL ABOUT THE TOUR


  1. It's about time they did somethin for those guys who have contracted cancer from 9/11

  2. Sadly the event has been cancelled as of 2/8/13. Just no support in the way of sponsorships or ticket sales form local FD's and exhibiting companies at Firehouse World.