Friday, February 17, 2012

9/11 WALL

Since the 9/11 Patch Project introduced the 9/11 WALL of Supporters, nearly a year ago, over 100 names of people and organizations have been added to the WALL. The low cost $9.11 donation secures your name on the WALL--$9.11 X 2 will get that name bolded.

This donation  means a lot to the project as it not only lists the names of those who have put their support with the project, but it also helps to cover the costs associated with running this non profit effort, that is mostly funded by the sale of the iconic 9/11 Patches & Decals.

In addition to the 9/11 WALL, there is now an opportunity for companies and organizations to take it a step further by becoming a Sponsor. The $911 donation to become a Sponsor is a one time- life time donation where the donor will get their website banner and link on our Sponsor page. Sponsors will also get their names and links in newsletters, press releases and other promotional opportunities. From time to time, the 9/11 Patch Project will do interviews with the media or have a special story printed online or in printed materials such as news, magazines and other company newsletters. We understand the $911 donation may be a little steep for some organizations out there so the donation remains negotiable.

Thanks to those who have added their names to the 9/11 WALL and thanks to our recent LifeTime Sponsors; Hire Patriots-Connecticut, Fire In Motion, Beverly Hills Fireman's Association, Auto Medic of Seattle and ID Safety 24 on 7.

Thanks in advance for any level of support you or your organization is willing to provide!

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