Monday, May 9, 2011

A 9/11 Uniform Patch That Traveled Around the World

Belgian Firefighter "Bob"
Meet Bob, a firefighter from Belgium. Although, I have recently been corrected to refer to Bob as a "Belgian Firefighter." Bob supports his brother firefighters by wearing the 9/11 Patch on his Class-A uniform--a purchase he made nearly 10 years ago after the tragic events of 9/11.

No politics--no cultural differences--no boundaries, just a firefighter honoring the loss of hundreds of FDNY firefighters many thousands of miles away. Even though the patch bears the image of our U.S. Flag, he wears this patch from another country right on the front of his uniform.

Bob is not alone. Even today, nearly 10 years later, orders from Belgium come into the 9/11 Patch Project regularly. And Belgium is not alone, as orders from Germany, Sweden, Japan, China, Italy, Malta, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries continue to come in as firefighters and citizens alike, from these other countries, want to show their support for the lost heroes of 9/11. 

Italian Father and Son Firefighters
Ten years later, the 9/11 Patch Project reflects on the work the project has done. You see, it's been about more than just a patch. It's been about bringing both public safety and citizens from all countries back together--it's been about unity. The patch traveled around the world and has shown up on uniforms everywhere--making this project the largest and farthest reaching 9/11 Project in the world.

No back slapping and celebrating here; whether it's one of the 4 patches, decals, pins or flags, that people wear or display, it sends a clear message to folks around the world: We are united, strong, tenacious, enduring...WE ARE ONE!

With Bin Laden dead and forever lost at sea, we can move forward this 10th Anniversary of 9/11/01. We will still not forget the brave sacrifice our heroes made nearly 10 year ago but the patches, decals, pins and flags sends a message to the world that despite the time that's passed--the resiliency of our nations--WE WILL TRULY NEVER FORGET those that perished at the will of the most hated evil doer in the world.

So do you have your patch? Does your organization wear it already? There's no sunset to this project--remembering is forever. So pick your patch or decal up now and be counted.

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