Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Thank You Heavy Smoke Apparel!

Even before Heavy Smoke Apparel became our $911 Sponsor, they were giving back to the 9-11 Patch Project. Each time they sold one of their "9-11 Helmet Wraps," they set some aside for us. They have already made multiple donations to our organization!

What's really cool about their 9-11 Helmet Wraps is that they fit under the fire helmet (under the lid) and really add a cool touch to any helmet. Beyond that, I really like them because every time a firefighter takes off his helmet, he is respecting the FDNY 343, lost on 9/11.

In their words: We are a company based in New York who feel very passionate about the designs and products we make.  We use the best possible products available to us so you will be completely satisfied with our company and what we stand for.  Our mission is to start a movement and make a statement to those who fight for our lives on a daily basis.  We hope you wear and use our products as proudly as we have in designing them.  We support our troops, and remember all who have laid their lives on the line in days passed and who will be doing the same in days to come.  Please help support our country and our products so we can one day give back. 

I really like the last two sentences as it says so much about this great company. Some say they give
back but there is no question that these folks really do.  Being on the receiving end of donations, we know that no truer words have been written! You can see our logo and the logo's of other organizations they give back to on this page.

Heavy Smoke Apparel also has some other cool decals and apparel that really stands out from others out there. They have their own unique look and designs--so take a look.

Thanks for your support Heavy Smoke Apparel, we are honored and humbled!

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