Thursday, August 9, 2012

Powerful Example of Making a Difference

Donation Drive Headed by TheBattalion.TV
I met David Furtado about a year ago when his company, TheBattalion.TV, became one of the 9/11 Patch Project's $911 Sponsors. What I found fascinating about David was his dedication to showing America what the nation's firefighters do on a daily basis, many times out of his own pocket. Not only did he create over 120 edited videos with voiceovers during 24 hour ride-a-alongs in America, but he also went to Canada, Mexico and other countries to do the same.

It was during his ride out with Mexicali Fire that Furtado discovered there was more to do that showcase the work of Mexicali Firefighters--they were working in unsafe conditions and were in desperate need of basic firefighting equipment.

Furtado found that if firefighters could not afford to buy their own gear, they didn't have it. Firefighters were working with holes in their boots and less than safe bunker gear. Even some pre-connected fire attack lines on the engines did not have nozzles.

So Furtado stepped up and created a nationwide drive to acquire donated gear from departments across America so that Mexicali Firefighters could do their job safely. His efforts yielded donations from the following organizations:

  • 35 sets donated by Westampton Township Emergency Services in Westampton New Jersey
  • 15 sets of  bunker gear donated by Prince Georges County Fire and EMS
  • 50 sets of gear from Vince Moffitt from Farmington Colorado
  • 21 Sets of gear from the FOOLS Organization and they are continuing the drive.
  • 50 sets from Chestermiere Fire Service from Chestermere, AB, Canada
At the 9/11 Patch Project, we applaud the efforts of David Furtado and and hope that others will step up and help organizations like Mexicali Fire do the best work they can utilizing gear that helps keep them safe. To get involved click HERE

Thanks David!

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