Monday, March 26, 2012

Hero Bears

The 9/11 Patch Project recently teamed up with Hero Industries to offer the 9/11 Hero Bear to help raise funds for the 9/11 Patch Project and customized Hero Bears as fund raising opportunities for all Fire & EMS agencies around the world.

Working as a firefighter/paramedic for the last 20 years, Hill (9/11 Patch Project founder) knows that handing out teddy bears to kids that are sick or injured can make a tragic experience for them turn into something a little more positive. And when a family has lost their home or apartment to a fire, handing the children a Hero Bear or two can put a smile on their faces--especially after knowing they may have lost most of their own personal toys and stuffed animals.

Having custom Hero Bears to hand out with your departments patch or name stenciled on the back, is one of the best public relations tools you can have for your organization. The custom Hero Bear is also a great fund raising opportunity for your organization. Buying the Hero Bears at wholesale will allow your organization to sell them at a 100% mark up to insure funds can be easily raised.

With EMS agencies, we can even outfit the bear with a blue jumpsuit, a blue helmet and even add your agencies patch or name to the back. The ear tags that come with the bears can even be customized to add specific information about your organization.

Get your 9/11 Hero Bear or have our custom Hero Bear designed today. If you want to use the 9/11 Hero Bear as your organizations fund raiser, contact us today and we can get you the wholesale pricing for multiple 9/11 Hero Bears.

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