Monday, January 9, 2012

What If?

Having posted hundreds of times on the NeverForget911 & 911PatchWebsite Facebook pages over the last two years, I have to ask myself...what if? With over 366,000 (combined) members here because they want to honor and remember the heroes of 9/11, what if everyone purchased one decal--or one patch--or secured a spot on the 9/11 WALL of Supporters? What would that do for the 9/11 Patch Project that I have run for over 10 years?

The answer is simple; donations in the thousands could be made to the three charities the project supports, more donations could be made to other 9/11 related charities, the project could afford to get the message out to more organizations, patches and decals can once again be donated to those organizations that can't afford to purchase them for their uniforms, every FDNY, NYPD & PAPD 1st Responder could get a patch for their uniform or jacket, the project could afford to purchase merchandise at incredible discounts, the project could afford to have booths at national Fire, EMS & Police events and finally, the 9/11 Patch Project would be able to continue doing great things for at least another 10 years.

Is it a tall order? Yes, but probably not for the reasons you would think. History has proven that getting everyone on the same page (no pun intended) is far more difficult than letting go of  $2.50. I don't think the deal stopper would necessarily be a small but monumental purchase-- it's more about thousands of people out there that all have different thoughts on how they will remember and honor the heroes of 9/11.

Messages like this that market to targeted audiences (like you) statistically return less than a fraction of a percent--and sometimes up to 2 percent. I'm hoping to change those statistics and continue doing the work that I love to do. I personally fill all orders and if I am up to midnight every day getting one decal or patch to each you, than so be it--this is what I gladly signed up to do over 10 years ago.

$2.50 gets you one of the decals, $4.50 gets you one of the patches and $9.11 gets you on the 9/11 WALL of Supporters. $1 even helps!

Thanks to all of you in advance, for what you are willing to contribute!

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