Monday, September 5, 2011

Honoring the 10 Yr Mark of 9/11 | What You Can Do

The 9/11 WALL was put up on the 9/11 Patch Project website over 2 months ago. This was done for those who asked how they could publicly support our fund raising efforts with the 10 Yr 9/11 Manhattan to Manhattan Tour and to be counted among the nation's supporters.

The 9/11 Bus could not visit every City on it's 9 month 30-State journey, so this also gives those who were not able to visit with the bus, the opportunity to make a smaller donation, and be seen [counted] as a supporter on the website. We have also decided to make the 9/11 WALL part of the 10 Yr 9/11 Manhattan to Manhattan Tour memory album that will be presented to the FDNY. So make your donation today HERE and we'll place you on the 9/11 WALL of supporters within 12 hours.

9/11 Bus & Melbourne (Australia) 2011WPFG athlete, wearing 9/11 Patch
We also want to let you know that the 10 Yr 9/11 Patches and Decals are in stock for an immediate turn-around. Most domestic orders placed within the next day or so will make it to you within 2-3 days. So those looking for the patches or car decals, you can still get them in time for 9/11/11. To get the fund raising patches and decals, please go HERE. Remember, the patches, decals, pins and flag, helps our fund raising efforts but also gives you something tangible to remember and honor the heroes of 9/11.

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