Sunday, September 25, 2011

The 9/11 Patch Project Lives On!

FDNY Fire & Ice Hockey Team Wearing 9/11 Patch
The 10 Year mark of 9/11 has passed but the goal of helping the world remember the heroes of 9/11 lives on.

It was the words of an FDNY Firefighter, "Please Don't Forget Us," that began the project back in December of 2011 and nearly 10 years later, those words still resonate in the ears of project founder Brett Hill.

Why continue to wear the 9/11 Patches or display the 9/11 Decals, even after 10 years? Because NEVER FORGET means NEVER! The words are inscribed on each patch and meant to mean what they say. It's pointless to run this project for 10 years and then move on. We can move on from the horrible images of the day but let's not move on from the memory of what our heroes did that day.

Some have diminished the value of a simple patch or decal but the truth is, these patches have found their way completely around the world. They are seen on the shoulders of firefighters in 21 different countries and on the shoulders of thousands, from all  U.S. Military branches. These patches have brought about something positive as a result of something so tragic. They have crossed our borders, ignored politics and disregarded cultural differences. They unite people, help them honor the memory of our lost heroes and honor their professions.

Being able to donate the net proceeds from the sale of these patches and decals is another very important part of this project. The FDNY Bravest Scholarship Fund, the Terry Fund and the Feal Good Foundation are all important to the 9/11 Patch Project and will continue to receive funds. To see the latest donations and letters, follow this LINK

One of the main goals of the project is to continue getting the patches on uniforms across the U.S. as a permanent part of the uniform. We all have different patches that identify our unique organizations, the 9/11 Patches are the common threads that unite us all.


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