Saturday, December 18, 2010

The 9/11 Rose Float is entered into this coming Pasadena Tournament of Roses by L.A. County Firefighter Jerry Thomsen and is sponsored by the L.A. County Fireman's Health & Benefits Association.

The float will feature both of the 9/11 Patch Project's 10 Year 9/11 Anniversary Patches and is the first 9/11 Themed Float to ever be entered into the Rose Parade.

This 9/11 Tribute Float will mark the 1st day of the 10 Year Anniversary of 9/11 and pay tribute to all who were lost on that day. Family members of those who perished will also be riding on the float.

As this float ushers in the 10 Year Anniversary of 9/11 it is also the 9/11 Patch Projects goal to get these 10 Year tribute patches on all Fire, EMT, Police and Military uniforms throughout 2011.

Funds raised from the sale of patches will benefit the FDNY Bravest Scholarship Fund and the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Release of new full size 9/11 Flag

The 9/11 Patch Project has just released this full size flag (3 foot by 5 foot) that bears the image of the 9/11 Patch worn by over 5000 organizations in 22 countries.

The flag is a strong polyester material, printed on both sides and screen printed to resist fade.

The flag can be purchased by fire departments and flown on their apparatus or station and purchased by the general population as a flag that can be flown on their homes.

This custom flag will most likely sell for $59.95 each. As is the case with the patches, portions of the proceeds from the sale of the 9/11 Flags will benefit the FDNY's Bravest Scholarship Fund and the Terry Farrell Firefighter Fund.

Please watch our order page as the flag will be up on the website very soon. Here is the link to the order page: 9/11 Patch Project ORDER

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Here is a video news story from the founder of the 9/11 Patch Project, Brett Hill, former Firefighter-Paramedic and IAFF Local 3657 President.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wearing Our Hearts on our Sleeves

The 9/11 Patch Project is about nationally and internationally accepted 9/11 Tribute Patches designed to be a permanent addition to your organizations uniform or casual clothing. It is about sharing common threads and creating unity among all Fire, EMS, Police and U.S.Military & U.S. Allied organizations. The project is also about honoring Firefighters, EMS, Police and Military personnel who gave their lives on 9/11 and those who continue to risk it all daily. The Project patches and decals have become the permanent 9/11 Tribute for over 5000 organizations in 22 countries over the past 7 years.

With the 10 Year 9/11 Anniversary upon us, now is a great time for your organization to participate by wearing the 9/11 Tribute Uniform Patch. Two ten year anniversary patches are now available as a tribute designed to be worn for all of 2011--or choose any of the other patches as a permanent uniform tribute. EMAIL: