Tuesday, June 19, 2012

9/11 Patch Project Seeking Partnerships

The idea of partnering came to us when The Decal World contacted us and asked if they could partner with us on a product. They had created a beautiful 9/11 Rhinestone Shirt and wanted to find a charitable 9/11 Organization to donate $10 per shirt to. So we talked and with a week, we had the shirt on our site and began co-promoting it with them.

How does it work? Actually, it is quite simple. We create a product together (using one of our 9/11 Patch designs or one of yours) and you sell it as you do other items on your site. We create a image and profile of the item on our site and it has a button that will click right through to where you offer it on your site. We agree to a portion of each sale that goes back to the 9/11 Patch Project Fund and we are off and running.

You can see how this looks with the 9/11 Rhinestone Shirt on our site now:  9/11 Patch Project Store Once we put this up on our site (took about 10 minutes), we advertised the fund raising deal on Facebook and sold 7 shirts the 1st day! This helps you with sales, gives you the opportunity to add a "give back" item in your store, and helps us raise funds for our project and our fund raising partners; NYC Bravest Scholarship Fund, Terry Farrell Fund & Feal Good Foundation.

We also partnered nearly a year ago, with Capital One, to create the only approved non profit 9/11 Cards. We currently have over 30 card holders. This program kicks back $50 per new cardholder and 1-2% of their purchases on a quarterly basis.

So let us know if you have an idea on an item we can partner with you on. The process does not take long and we could use the help with our fund raising activities. If you are interested in this concept, please EMAIL me with your ideas and we'll see it we can make it work!

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