Sunday, May 27, 2012

Damaging Comments

Every so often, after posting links on FB to purchase the 9/11 Patches and other fund raising items, someone will make a damaging post suggesting this project exploits the heroes of 9/11. These folks don't bother to visit the website to do their homework first--they just decide on the spot that someone is making money off the blood of our 9/11 heroes. They couldn't be father from the truth!

This project, run by a Firefighter for over 10 years, is actually endorsed by the FDNY Uniformed Fire Officers Assoc. and has raised money for three 9/11 Charities over the years, selling these items. Just ask any of the FDNY Firefighters from the Fire & Ice Hockey Team how they feel about wearing the 9/11 Patch.

A simple visit to the website and some quick navigation, people would see that on the DONATIONS page, the charities that we donate to our listed--there are copies of some of the checks we have sent over the years--and there are even thank you letters that came to us from the organizations we donated to. We are even a registered non-profit and reference that several times on different web pages.

If folks really understood all that has gone into keeping this project alive and running these past 10 years they would realize that the founder has actually lost his own money by putting in $75,000 over the ears, when it was necessary to keep it going.

And for four months in 2002 when the project started, the founder filled orders for 4 months straight--selling one $3 patch (at the time) to raise over $15,000. That money raised was donated to the FDNY Uniformed Firefighters Association exactly 1 year form the tragic events of 9/11. How long does it take to raise $15,000 selling $3 patches--patches that cost nearly $2 to make?

True, there are unscrupulous people out there profiting off the events of 9/11--no doubt. But this is definitely not one of them. The project founder has gone to great lengths to provide full transparency about this fund raising and remembrance project--but if you can't take a moment to make a visit to the website and see this, you should absolutely be ashamed of yourself for making any unfounded and damaging comments about this project. Thank God there are folks that know we have been teamed up with NeverForget911 for 3 years and will step in when these comments are made and defend our organization.

Selling the patches, decals and other merchandise to raise funds has always been a difficult challenge. We have to pay vendors for these items and are always chasing inventory to keep items in stock. Hours are spent filling orders--many for a single patch or decal--and when we are down to 1 or 2  of a specific item , we have to order hundreds to keep the costs down.

That is why we recently teamed up with Firehouse Expo to bring the Fully Involved Comedy Tour to 3 nationwide Fire & EMS Expos. These large fund raising events will allow us to bring in more funds to these organizations. Last year with our 10yr 9/11 Anniversary Manhattan to Manhattan Tour, we brought in $6300 each, for the NYC Bravest Scholarship Fund, the Terry Farrell Fund and the Feal Good Foundation.

So if after reading this you want to help, please visit the website and look around at the different ways you can contribute to our goals of remembering the heroes of 9/11 while raising funds for 9/11 related charities.


  1. never been prouder of us...America. You are doing wonderful work. Am glad to be a patch holder!

  2. Luv what ur doin! Keep it up!

  3. Your patch project is truly amazing - thank you for doing it and don't let the ignorant few bring you down.

    I was wondering if you might be interested in a link from my site to yours? If so, please drop me a line at firefighter training or for email.


  4. Jason, thanks for your support! I have placed you link on our LINKS page:

    If you are interested in more visibility, please consider a spot on our 9/11 WALL with your URL linked. You can see examples (blue) here:

    Thanks again!