Sunday, October 23, 2011

Keeping the 9/11 Patch Project Open

The 9/11 Patch Project was established December of 2001 to help keep the memory of our fallen 9/11 Heroes alive. The objectives of the project are to raise funds though the sale of the special 9/11 Patches, Decals and Pins as well as recruit Fire, EMS, Police and U.S. Military to place the patches on their uniforms or other clothing and/or apply the decals to their vehicles or apparatus.

To date, over 8000 organizations in 25 countries are represented by either wearing one of the patches or displaying one of the decals.

All the net proceeds from the sale of patches and decals have been donated to as many as 10 different non profit organizations. The latest three non profit's to benefit from the project are the NYC Bravest Scholarship Fund, Terry Farrell Fund and the Feal Good Foundation. Each of them recently received $6300 each.

Since the 10 year mark has passed us by, sales from the project have slowed to a crawl. Unless sales and interest in the project picks up, the project will be forced to close down on its' 10 year anniversary, December 15th, 2011. I am asking for everyone's help to keep this project going another 10 years. If you want to see the project remain open and the work of the 9/11 Patch Project continue, please contribute in any of the following ways:

1. 9/11 WALL: For only $9.11, you or your organization can be added to the 9/11 WALL of supporters and show your support publicly.

2. Make a larger donation from our DONATIONS page and also be added to the 9/11 WALL.

3. Order Patches & Decals from our ORDER page

4. Share the link to our homepage to as many of your friends and family as possible:

I want to thank all of you who have continued to support the project all these years and hope that you can continue to support the project by making a donation, ordering from our store or passing on the link to our website. Thanks in advance for what you are willing to do to help keep the project open past December 15th, 2011

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