Monday, August 22, 2011

9/11 Bus Tour's Fund Raising Efforts Across America

Three weeks left on the 10 Yr 9/11 Manhattan to Manhattan Tour and we need your help! Fund raising across the U.S. in this economy and with all the recent mid west disasters, has been a tough one. We understand and that's why fund raising with the 9/11 Patch Project actually gives you back something tangible for your donation. Please look at how you can help us reach our donation goals by participating in one or more of the following:
All the net proceeds from the list above, will go to:


Thanks very much for anything you are willing to do on behalf of our fund raising efforts.

Brett Hill- Founder/ Former Firefighter-Paramedic
9/11 Patch Project

Thursday, August 18, 2011

World Police Fire Games 2011 Offers 10 Yr 9/11 Anniversary Patch

Scott Safety, one of the two sponsors of the 2011 World Police Fire Games, will be offering the 9/11 Patch Project's 10 Year 3-Hero's 9/11 Patch, during the August 26th-September 5th games.

The 100% embroidered patch measures 2 1/2" X 3 5/8" and was designed by the 9/11 Patch Project to honor the fallen Police, Fire, EMS and U.S. Military as a result of September 11, 2001. The gold circled "10" on the patch represents the 10 Yr mark of this tragic event in history.

The matching car decal for this patch, along with other 10 Yr 9/11 Anniversary items, can also be purchased directly from the 9/11 Patch Project website. 100% of the net proceeds of the patches will be donated, both at the 2011WPFG by Scott Safety and from the 9/11 Patch Project online store sales.

The other 10 Yr 9/11 Patch features a single firefighter holding an axe--rising over the Twin Towers. This patch will be worn by the FDNY Fire & Ice Hockey Team during the games with the "3-Heroes" version worn by all 56 members of the Melbourne Australia Team.

It is important to note that the Melbourne Australia team donated $550 dollars to the 9/11 Patch Project Fund to have the 10 Yr 3-Heroes 9/11 design directly embroidered on each of the 56 members' team jerseys.

Nearly 5000 of the 10 Yr 3-Heroes 9/11 patches will be available for purchase at the 2011WPFG games.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ann Arundel County Firefighters Place Seal on 9/11 Bus

The week of August 1st started out great for the 10 yr 9/11 Manhattan to Manhattan Bus Tour. It was one of the busiest in the 6 month history of the national tour with a stop July 31st with Washington D.C. Firefighters, August 1st with Alexandria Firefighters, August 2nd with Northrop Grumman and Baltimore Firefighters and then, Ann Arundel County, the morning of the 3rd. And they were ready for us!

The photo is of Lt. Brandon Hiller of the Ann Arundel County Firefighters Association affixing their seal to the 9/11 Bus. Even before the bus arrived, and with just days to plan, the firefighters had already decided they would be ready with a check to present for the donation to get their seal on the bus. They even had their County Executive, John Leopold on hand for a speech. The day with Ann Arundel County representatives was one of the best welcomes the 9/11 Bus has had.

With 3 weeks still away from the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, it is the 9/11 Patch Project's hope that the bus will be covered with the seals of other supporters, both on the tour route and anyone else that wants to have their name or seal carried into Manhattan, September 7th. We want as many people and organizations out there to be counted among the nation's supporters when we arrive to visit with the FDNY, our three charities and other New Yorkers.

Right now, there is a great opportunity for anyone to get their name in the reflective stripe that surrounds the bus for only $100. The lettering will be reflective gold and each letter, 2" tall. So even as the bus travels down the road at night, all the names will be visible.

Logo's or "Seals," can still go on the bus for $911.11. There is plenty of space next to recent Platinum Sponsors; Ann Arundel County (MD), Chicago (IL), Rockford(IL), Philadelphia(PA), Carteret (NJ) and Northrop Grumman. You can go HERE to get it done today.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

10 Yr 9/11 Manhattan to Manhattan Tour Builds Momentum on East Coast

Washington D.C. Firefighters met with the 9/11 Bus Tour on July 31st and kicked off one of the busiest weeks for the 10 Yr 9/11 Manhattan to Manhattan Tour since leaving Manhattan Beach (CA) on January 25th of this year.

The bus was then greeted by the Alexandria Firefighters on Monday August 1st, Northrup Grumman & Baltimore Firefighters on the 2nd, Ann Arundel County Firefighters on the 3rd, in the morning, and then Arlington Firefighters on the same day, in the afternoon.

All hosting agencies greeted the 9/11 Bus with enthusiasm and plenty of visitors. Sales of the fund raising 9/11 Patches and Decals were among the best recorded at Northrop Grumman's Electronics plant near Baltimore. Out of the visits for the week, Northrop Grumman, both Baltimore Fire unions and Ann Arundel County Firefighters, became sponsors by getting their logo's on the bus.

Ann Arundel County even had a surprise ceremony for the bus when it rolled in, including their county seal waiting to be placed on the bus. In the picture to the right, the Ann Arundel County Firefighters seal can be seen on the bus next to New Jersey's Carteret Firefighters and Philadelphia Firefighters IAFF Local 22. All the organizations that got on the bus, did so after a donation each, of $911.11 (the amount commensurate with the 10 Yr Anniversary of 9/11).

In addition to the fellowship, sharing stories, fund raising, and group photo's with the bus, the organizations getting their names and logo's on the bus, will ride with the bus the rest of the tour and roll into Manhattan around September 7th, to participate in 10 Yr 9/11 Anniversary ceremonies. It is a great opportunity for those that hosted tour stops and those who just wanted to be counted among the supporters of this historical journey, as the tour spends time in Manhattan with the FDNY and other New Yorkers.

More information about the national tour, getting the fund raising patches and getting on the bus, can be see here: 9/11 Patch Project website